Dry Farming Method

Betamore Fragrant Rice is grown in rainfed fields prepared and seeded when dry. Our paddies are planted in exclusively selected fields with premium soil quality in one of the best rice-growing regions in the world.

Dry farming requires soils that have high water holding capacity and works best in soils that have some clay content. Our dry farmer starts to work the soil in the first dry window in the spring when the soil will stick together. Timing and working the soil at just the right time is important. This can’t be put on the calendar weeks in advance because it requires careful observation. Not only does the soil have to be worked at the right time but multiple times. He lets the field ‘digest’ or sit for at least 2-3 weeks after working it up once and then works it several more times, weather permitting, to prepare the seed bed. If it is worked after a late rain before planting, he will get a nice velvety seedbed.