Benefits of Eating Betamore Fragrant Rice:

Benefits of Eating Betamore Fragrant Rice:

Non-Gluten: Consumers do not have to concern about the allergy.

Non- GMO: It does not have any negative effect to health.

No Pesticides: It does not contain any substance used for destroying insects.

No ionizing radiation: Paddy are planted in the area of non-nuclear radiation zone.

No Heavy metals (Toxin Element): No negative health problems like brain fog, skin infection, muscles and joint pain, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

No sodium: Avoid the risk of Excess sodium which increases blood pressure.

Less Amylose: contains only 13%, making it readily digestible.

Contains 3% of Vitamin B1: it is an anti-stress vitamin and prevents Thiamine deficiency.

Low Sugar
Betamore Fragrant Rice has a Glycemic Index (GI) of only 62 per 100g as certified by the Glycemic Index Research Unit of Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.